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Caffeinated Therapy Sessions

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askars, ballet pumps, big bang theory, chanel, cheesy 80s flicks, dawsons creek, fringe, gifs, gifts, house, icons, james mc avoy, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, kate winslet, making the world beautiful., non coffees, pacey witter, penny, photography, photoshopping, sarcasm, scarfs, sheldon, shopping, sophia bush., starbucks, supernatural, the internets, trueblood, twitter, wii fit
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Things you should know about me :
Laura, Irish, Fivefootone, sarcastic, blonde, likes to fangirl safely.
The internet is here for amusement and procrastination let’s not lose our shit shall we?

Things you might find in this journal:

*Gifs to match any and all emotions
*Irish Humour
*Over – caffeinated me

SPN, The Js, ASkars, Trueblood, Gossip of all forms, Fashion envy, Shopping addiction, Photography <3, The Tudors, Gen Kill, Glee, Britney, Kate Winslet&her awesomeness, Johnny Depp, JoshJackson <3 etc etc.

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